Our Distributorship with Rudolf is driven by not only our commitment to uphold the values and standards of Rudolf Medical, but by our sales team, who themselves have a long standing relationship which has endured for almost 40 years....



Mike Craven and Steve Ladley have been friends since 1974, both serving together with the British Army in the Royal Army Medical Corps, Mike and Steve were both nurses and Mike was also an Operating Theatre Technician. Even after they left the Army their friendship endured as did their presence in the medical field, both excelling in sales, Mike working for companies such as Siemens, PPG Hellige, Physio Control, Welch Allyn, Richard Wolf, Culminating in becoming UK General Manager for US firm Whittemore Enterprises Inc, prior to forming his own company in 2003, at every stage of his career earning awards and accolades for performance and rising to the highest management levels. In Symbiosis with Steve, who was himself achieving the highest accolades for his performance whilst working for companies such as, Sanofi Winthrop, Eli Lilly, Alaris, Ivac, Imed, STI and within the Capital Equipment and pharmaceutical industry, himself reaching the highest level, winning numerous awards including one for the highest seller in Europe whilst at IVAC 2 years running! Between them, Mike and Steve have a combined sales presence within the medical sector spanning 50 years, an accolade in itself.



This commitment to not only their enduring friendship, but also their chosen careers is endemic of their approach to how they both conduct themselves in business also. Both Mike and Steve believe in building lasting relationships with their client base, the satisfaction of the customer being of paramount importance, and never focusing only on short term financial gains. This approach is evident in the client base of their respective companies today, and indeed many of their respective clients have been with Mike Craven Medical Ltd and Neocare UK Ltd from day 1, some much further back than that whilst in their respective previous companies.



This fusion of ethics, loyalty and commitment are the hallmarks of our approach to the distribution of the Rudolf Medical product range throughout England and Wales, and a natural convergence of standards between the companies which equates to the optimal customer experience for our clients.

About Us...

Mike Craven Medical Ltd


Founded and owned by North Region Sales Director - Mike Craven, 

Mike Craven Medical Ltd's headquarters are in Woodmansey near Hull. Mike Craven Medical has quickly established itself as a leader in the sale of new and used Medical Equipment to Healthcare and Veterinary professionals in the UK and Worldwide.

The 1st of September 2012 saw Mike Craven Medical Ltd expand further by moving to a dedicated facility, specially designed with a clinical clean environment, 4,000sq ft warehousing and offices.


Over the years since 2003 we have supplied everything from patient monitors and endoscopes, right up to complete hospitals complete with all equipment, shipped sectional for construction overseas. We have facilitated the sale and removal of MRI units still installed within hospitals, furnished clients with large tenders by request, and have experience in selling on every continent in the world to a diverse client base, We have just recently overseen the supply of an entire hospital and equipment to Nigeria, providing much needed medical care to the local people.


Our client base has a pedigree of its own, many of our clients have been with us since the very early days of Mike Craven Medical Ltd, our customer facing service, and client driven business has won many loyal patrons who continue to regularly deal with us today. Our client base is more diverse than just the Veterinary and human medical markets however, and we have been regularly called upon by the television and motion picture industry to act in an advisory capacity and supply equipment for use in their productions, from mainstream Hollywood / British movies, to BBC dramas and even Video Game launch events!


We are also proud to hold the title of 'NHS Approved' for our disposal services to the NHS over the years, which has seen us develop medical auction services and events, both online and physical in an under-represented market. Our auction partners at Gilbert Baitson themselves have a pedigree which from their formation in 1935 has seen 7500 auction sales over the years, so they are ideally suited to represent us in the medical auction field.


As a result of our wide and varied hospital suppliers to whom we are always the first port of call, we have a steady supply of used equipment we are able to offer alongside our new products, we have any item we sell thoroughly checked by biomedical engineers prior to sale and our items are all supported by a limited 90 day warranty for extra peace of mind with your purchase.


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Founded and owned by South Region Sales Director - Steve Ladley; Neocare was formed to deliver innovative products that address niche markets in the health care industry, having in house research and development capabilities to create products that can not be obtained from other sources, and expert manufacturing partners that allow a diverse range of specialities to be addressed.

Innovative and Unique Products








One such unique product from NEOCARE is the Scopevault, developed for the high level decontamination of instruments with non submersible components using a washer disinfector. Suitable for TOE, TEE probes and other instruments with insertion tubes of diameters between 2mm and 16mm.



  • Leak tests TOE probes.

  • Optimum Decontamination of TOE probes for reliable patient protection when used with validated washer disinfectors or Automated Endoscope Reprocessors. (AER)

  • Validated and compliant reprocessing of TOE /TEE probes in line with UK Decontamination Standards.

  • Scopevault is being used with a range of TOE probes including GE and Philips 2D and 3D probes.

  • Leak testing TOE probes since 2008 protecting equipment and enhancing patient safety.

  • Over 14,000 successful reprocessing cycles with perfect results.

  • Reduction of cross infection risk in line with Trust Risk Reduction programmes.

Scopevault can accommodate other instruments with non submersible components, including rectal probes and vaginal probes



NEOCARE UK Ltd carry many more innovative product lines, please visit their website at: